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RAW 101

I’ll be honest here, I am not 100% vegan. Actually, I hate labels, however, I am a conscious eater and I eat mainly plants. Sometimes I eat free-range organic eggs, sometimes wild-caught and sustainable fish, but never anything processed, unrecognisable and I do not eat meat or other dairy for moral and health reasons. That’s just me. This might not be you and that’s fine! Graciously Green is all about UPGRADING your diet with MORE PLANTS! If you choose to add free-range chicken to that then that is your choice and there is no judgement here.

At Graciously Green we don’t really like to label anything “diet” because health is not about a diet, but a way of life. Graciously Green is here to help you decide what is right for you; I give you the tools, recipes and support to find your best ever health!



Here are a few thought-provoking facts… Did you know?


  • Plant-based foods are rich in disease-fighting antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibre and phytonutrients. If we cook these foods, we kill a lot of the fantastic nutritional benefits!


  • Raw foods are literally alive with energy - when we eat them we take-on that life-force! They contain their own natural enzymes (which, in simple terms, help to convert food to nutrients, meaning they actually help your body in the digestion process (you spend less of your energy and fewer enzymes by consuming these foods). When we run out of enzymes in our body, we will die because how do we then digest and assimilate the nutrients in our food!?


  • Good nutrients are more important than calories to really feed your body with the nourishment it needs for healthy cell development. The calories in a Big Mac are not equal to the same amount of calories’ worth of nuts, seeds and greens – you get so much more nutritional value (calorie for calorie) from the plant-based and unrefined food!


  • All disease, especially cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, exists because of an acidic environment in the body. All animal products and refined foods create an acidic condition in the body. Plant-based diets create an alkaline environment in the body. This is a bio-chemical fact!


  • The story about vegans not getting enough protein is a m.y.t.h - for a start, we don’t need as much protein as we think. Medical research shows we can actually harm our bodies if we take in too much protein (more than 30% of our diet – creates that acidic environment I told you about). There are heaps of plant-based sources of protein; hemp-seed is one source that is in a complete amino-acid form, which means our bodies can absorb what’s needed really easily. See, it just takes a bit of green-education to understand vegans do eat protein.


  • Not all veggies and produce are created equally - often large farms will spray pesticides and herbicides onto our veggies and fruit to kill off the bugs, but the chemical residue often stays on and seeps into the produce. GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) are also not without their problems; they’re said to contribute to numerous health issues, including allergies and cell mutation – gross! Organic and non-GMO is best where possible.


  • The UN has encouraged plant-based diets as a means to stop global warming - they issued a report which said that meat production is causing more global warming than the automotive industry!


  • (too much) Meat-eating is causing us to lose our precious rain-forests - the industrialisation that is required to feed our world’s meat-eaters significantly contributes to deforestation, burning of fossil fuels and an increase in greenhouse gases.


  • Believe it or not, we are still ill-treating a lot of our livestock (no, not all pigs live like Babe) in totally unacceptable cramped, diease-fillled conditions, and feeding them antibiotic-packed feed. And then we eat that sad piece of meat – wonder what that does to your, and your family’s, well-being…Choose your meat carefully; organic, free-range and anti-biotic free is best. And consider your dairy products, was the cow treated fairly before it helped to make your milk and cheese?


OK, so where do I go from here?


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