• I can’t begin to tell you how energised I feel after a fabulous evening with Chef Mia at her Healthy Living in DB Talk.  We all learned so much. I wanted to let  you all that just over $1800 was raised for The Angels for Orphans:

    Paula Borough, Healthy Living in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

  • “Many thanks for your amazing and healthy foods yesterday!…Replay has been constantly dedicating to develop the products esp. denim jeans in healthy and environmental protection way,With this same concept we are looking forward to our collaboration in the future!”

    Rebecca, Marketing, Replay  Jeans, Hong  Kong


  • “Thanks so much Mia!!  Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect party – my friends were saying how its so inspirational and it exceeded all of their expectations of what raw vegan cuisine is about. My sis was saying yesterday how she was craving your sushi and she even told her hubby that its better than real sushi!!!!”

    Rebecca, BaoBae, Hong Kong


  • On my raw chocolates

    “I hope to sample some of your food and produce at future events and more – it was simply delicious!”

    Chinmoy, freelance travel blogger & writer, HK

  • “I’ve loved the classes with you and have learnt a lot. I am definitely going to introduce a lot of the recipes and new ingredients that you have shared to help my family become healthier (feel free to use that as a quote)”

    Mawgan,  The HK Hub

  • “Thank you for everything. Couldn’t have asked for a better caterer for Beauty Week!” 

    Jennifer Barba, Founder,

  • Mia has a truly compassionate nature which translates into her work in many ways, be it through her health coaching, her cooking or her yoga teaching. The careful consideration of ingredients she shares always results in the desired effect of a perfectly balanced meal. She provides a beautiful blend of pushing and healthy encouragement to achieve goals in life, on and off the yoga mat. Mia is a real inspiration in her quest for a healthier world. I would recommend her to anyone looking for health enlightenment.

    Rebecca, UBS VP Relationship Manager, Hong Kong

  • [about teaching organic vs conventional to kids in schools]

    “I am really proud of you because you educate people in different levels about organic food and health and you are exactly taking actions. ;) You are contributing to the health of our next generation!”

    Vivian, Editor, Foodie Magazine, Hong Kong

Raw Food Chef Training Flyer
New Yoga & Pilates Breakfast Club – Dubai
Check out the NEW Yoga & Pilates Breakfast Clu...

Check out the NEW Yoga & Pilates Breakfast Club in #MYDUBAI!

Interview With a Raw Chef


Check out the full interview and recipes here 

    What time do you love waking up in the morning?   Well, what time I love waking up vs when my daughter loves to get up are two quite different things - Thalia (my daughter) wakes up at 6:00am - 6.30am...I'd like to be asleep at least until 7am! Too much to ask? But sometimes it's nice to be up before even the birds - it's a very still moment in the day which sometimes takes my breath away it's so beautiful...but sometimes I also just need more sleep ;) Do you practice a morning physical and mental ritual such as, meditation, yoga, cardio, weights?  Honestly, routine for myself with a 21 month old is a little difficult, however, I always spend time with her before she goes to nursery - we drink tea in bed in the early hours, which I really love. If I am not teaching yoga in the mornings, which I do half the time, I do my own yoga when I can a few times a week, either in my bedroom or outside in the fresh air. I usually meditate, do some pranayama (breathing), asana and I spend some time in restorative poses (I specialise in yoga therapy and I of all people need my own yoga therapy sometimes! ;0)). If I miss this practice for more than a few days, even my husband tells me I need to go do some yoga! I also walk my dog every day - I'm lucky to live in an area with lots of small parks and trees so we have a long walk whilst my daughter looks out for birds and "meow meows" (cats) - she likes to find animals on our walks. What’s your favorite morning beverage?  I know you expect me to say green juice but I am also very human and I have to say coffee! I do buy fair-trade organic coffee beans - it's good for you! I actually always start the day with either fresh ginger in hot water or a rooibos tea in bed. My hubby is South African so rooibos is a staple in our house - it's high in antioxidants so a good way to start the day. And then coffee - lovely coffee  -  espresso, black.   What is your favorite way to spend the weekend?  My ideal day on a weekend is firstly lazing around in pjs eating a late breakfast with my family. My week is full on with work and running around as mama taxi - I go to the Essentially kitchen and office three days a week, sometimes I am at the Essentially cafe in The Collective, and then I teach yoga as well and am a very hands on mum - so weekends are about down--time and family. After lazing about we love beach-time just catching-up on doing not much  - maybe a long walk on the beach but mainly we look for shells for our collection (me and Thali). This might be most people's nightmare but I love to do my food shopping at the weekend so that I can plan our food menu for the week (I am seriously a geek when it comes to meal planning - guess that's why I do what I do!) and then I love to spend at least one weekend afternoon playing with new recipes in the kitchen - sometimes I bake or maybe try a new raw dish on my family. My daughter loves cooking with me so it's nice I get to share this passion with her also - she is a pro at energy ball rolling!   Do you recommend any favorite raw food / plant based books or websites?  oh boy...can i just take a photos of my book shelf... some girls buy shoes, I like cook books! I'll be sharing a resources list on my course - watch this space!  My favourite book right now is "Healing with Wholefoods" by Paul Pitchford. I am a huge believer in food as medicine and preventative medicine and this books is fantastic in breaking down common ailments and foods that can help. Do you pack snacks for the day if you are going to be out?   Yes, especially for Thalia as well. Usually I have a few energy balls in my bag, mixed nuts, maybe some nut butter in those little packets as it can help with sugar cravings if you find yourself craving something sweet when you're running around. And I always have a flask with warm water.  If I've been at work in the kitchen, I usually have a bottle of Essentially's Deep Green in my bag or on my desk ...see, I do also drink green juice in my day -  it counteracts that morning coffee ;0) Do a favorite recipe that *may* appear at your upcoming training in May!    Today I ate two of these babies and felt so good about it! They're a limited edition energy ball I actually have these on my menu at work - so given that they're so special I can share with you the link to the recipe and a *taste* of some of my featured raw / vegan creations below:
Yoga @The Collective by Ripe
NEW YOGA & PILATES CLASSES IN THE UBER COOL NEW VENUE, THE COLLECTIVE, by Ripe Organic and you can grab your organic cold-pressed juice and healthy breakfast from Essentially UAE cafe before you leave! All levels welcome - the perfect way to start your day before work! Hope to see you there, Dubai friends x yoga-pilates  
Outdoor Yoga at The Els Club
Now that the weather is just perfect, Tracy Kotech...
Now that the weather is just perfect, Tracy Kotecha and I will be running yoga classes outdoors at The Els Golf Club starting beginning of November. Call or email to book - morning sun salutations in the fresh air - seriously the perfect way to start the day in Dubai! All levels welcome!   screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-22-29-20
Yoga Therapy for Sassy Mamas Part 1
Check out the full post over on

Check out the full post over on HERE

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 16.35.59

  Yoga for Sassy Mamas Whether you became a new mama three months or 3 years ago, it’s never too late to add yoga to your mama lifestyle. Not only is yoga great for your body, it also relaxes and clears your mind, and helps towards keeping your hormone, detox and nervous systems balanced. Feeling tired – I mean tired like you never knew was possible-exhausted! – yoga can help to refresh you with simple and relaxing techniques. Yoga is also great for kids – it teaches them many life lessons that will be helpful on and off the mat – discipline, health, mindfulness, being kind to others, understanding the body, being able to just sit still, being able to calm the mind and think clearly, the list goes on. How can yoga help mamas?
  • Yoga can help create awareness of re-aligning the spine – carrying baby on one hip for a long time – oops!
  • Ease tight muscles – 2.5 kilos of baby soon turns into 9 kilos and that’s a lot of work 24/7 for mama
  • Soothe tight shoulders and sore back – stress has taken on a new meaning; new mamas never stop worrying and a lot of that tension is in the back and shoulders
  • Relax the hips – the birthing process can create a lot of stress and can cause misaligned hips
  • Relax the mind – need I say more…
  • Focus the mind – so that you’re ready and refreshed to be the best mama you can be!
  • “Me time” – need I say more…
Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 16.35.59

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